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Desiairdrops Ratings


Airdrop Details

Tokens 10 BXC
Est. value $4.5
Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 50,000,000 BXC
Referral Yes
End in na
Price/Token $0.25
BtcEx Airdrop is 10 BXC tokens worth $4.5 to each airdrop participants. To participate, sign up, login and complete the KYC verification to receive 10 BXC tokens worth $4.5. Also, invite friends and earn 5 BXC tokens worth $2.25 for each referral.
BtcEx Airdrop

Steps for BtcEx Airdrop:

      1. Sign up at BtcEx and verify your email id.
      2. Login to the dashboard and complete the KYC.
      3. Follow BtcEX Twitter & like Facebook page and join Telegram group.
      4. Also, invite friends and earn 5 BXC tokens worth $2.25 for each referral.
      5. Get more information about the airdrop visit Official Announcement.

Desiairdrops Review


BtcEX is Hong Kong’s leading cryptocurrency exchange provider since October 2016. We provide a secure, liquidity & stable banking solution platform to allow customers to trade safely and be able to quickly withdraw from the exchange.
Along with the fastest execution on our platform, we offer you a secure USD & HKD and cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal. The advanced charting tools will help you make informed trades. Your funds and tokens are safe with us and the deposits and withdrawals are processed using the most secure channel available.

Website: https://bxlend.com

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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