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Airdrop Details

Tokens CHR
Est. value $5,000
Protocol na
Total Supply na
Referral Yes
End in 27/05/2020
Price/Token $na
Chromia Airdrop is to celebrate Chromia and STP Network partnership, They are distributing $5,000 CHR token to their community members. To participate, sign up, log in to your account, and complete KYC verification, complete the social tasks and earn up to $5,000 CHR token. Also, invite friends and earn 50 STPT for each referral.
Chromia Airdrop

Steps for Chromia Airdrop:

    1. Sign up at Chromia and verify your email id.
    2. Login in to your account and complete KYC verification.
    3. Click on "My Events", complete the social tasks.
    4. Also, invite friends and earn 50 STPT for each referral.


Desiairdrops Review


Chromia is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible. Its is the brainchild of ChromaWay, a pioneering blockchain company. After working for several years in building the perfect mix between relational databases and blockchain, they decided to build a platform for everyone with the same underlying technology.

Chromia offers the same level of openness, transparency, and decentralization as other public blockchains. In Chromia miners are replaced with providers. Providers own nodes that produce blocks. It has been suggested that the four largest mining pools of both Bitcoin and Ethereum could exert significant control over those networks if they colluded.

Website: https://chromia.com

Whitepaper  Visit the White Paper Here to know more about the chromia project.

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