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TRX Giveaway

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Desiairdrops Ratings


Airdrop Details

Tokens 1500 $TRX
Est. value $na
Protocol TRX
Total Supply na
Referral No
End in na
Price/Token $na
TRX Giveaway
Desiairdrops Giveaway is a total of 1500 $TRX tokens to its community members. To participate, complete social tasks and submit your details to the below airdrop form on this page. Desiairdrops randomly will select 3 lucky winners to receive 500 $TRX tokens each.    


Desiairdrops Giveaway

Steps for Desiairdrops Giveaway:

    1. Follow Desiairdrops on Twitter.
    2. Retweet pinned tweet, tag 3 friends.
    3. Join Desiairdrops on the Telegram group.
    4. Submit your TRX Wallet & other details to this Airdrop Form. (You can create TRX wallet Here)


Watch below video for step-by-step instructions :


Desiairdrops Review


Desi.Airdrops has started operations in January 2017. After 18 months of tremendous research on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology , finally we launched DesiAirdrops in August 2018 . The intention behind Desiairdrops is to bring awareness about cryptocurrencies,Blockchain and free airdrops. Cryptocurrency technologiesies are being new , most of the users don’t know how to register airdrops, and how to keep their personal data safe while registration.  Through our articles and you tube channel we are creating awareness for beginners and new comers into Cryptocurrency world and Blockchain space.ined on. We started our crypto journey with two people and extended the team to 6. Our caption is “ We are committed to bring your legit airdrops”.  So With due diligence and proper verification of every project by our team we post only legit and authentic airdrops in our platform With our constant hard work and ground work about project we win many hearts globally and attracted the users by producing the right airdrops in our platform on time .

To bring you fastest airdrops our team is covering all time zones and posting the airdrops where you don’t even miss any single airdrop if it is limited for certain numbers. To cover the 24/7 support we are spending a lot for the maintenance and on infrastructure. Our goal behind 24/7 services is to make our users more beneficial and they should not miss any single airdrop . We are in crafting our community and bringing a hastle free experience through our newly introduced features. Hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Website: https://www.desiairdrops.com


Have a Happy Airdropping!

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