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Ludena Protocol

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Airdrop Details

Tokens LND
Est. value $10,000
Protocol ETH
Total Supply 1,200,000,000 LDN
Referral Yes
End in
Price/Token $na
Ludena Protocol
Ludena Protocol Giveaway is a total of $10,000 to their community members. To participate, visit the giveaway page, sign up, log in, and complete the social tasks to receive tickets to get a chance to win the rewards.
Ludena Protocol Giveaway

Steps for Ludena Protocol Giveaway:

      1. Visit the Giveaway page.
      2. Sign up and verify your email id.
      3. Complete social tasks.
      4. Also, invite friends and earn 1 ticket for each referral.

Watch below video for step-by-step instructions :


Desiairdrops Review

Ludena Protocol:

Ludena Protocol is a game ecosystem platform at the protocol level where various types of Dapps related to games can be utilized.
Platforms that can add value to the activities of gamers, platforms that can be effectively advertised by marketers of large game companies, platforms where indie game developers can get access to users, and thus, each actor in the game industry wins -The platform that can win is the goal of the Ludena Protocol.

LDN is a token issued on the basis of the Universe. Gamers receive LDN as rewards for the content they play or create. It can be spent on Google gift cards, game money, various gift certificates, etc., and can be used for level boosting and item trading.  Game companies can deposit and lock up LDN to provide rewards to Gamers who have played their own games, and indie game developers use LDN awarded from the reward pool as rewards to Gamers who played their own games. Ludena Protocol is a gamified social platform dedicated to worldwide gamers. 

Website: https://www.ludenaprotocol.io

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